knitting as jewellery

I don’t like knitting swatches. There i said it.

Every knitting publication tells you that you need to knit swatches in order to know the gauge of your knitting and to get the correct tension.
As a novice knitter i have (perhaps to my detriment) never knitted a swatch.

Instead i have “designed” a few “trial” projects that keep me interested whilst learning a new technique.

The latest little project is a knitted cuff i made with the spare moda vera cardellino wool that i made two beanies from.

On 6 pt double pointed needles, i casted on 24 stiches.
I then knit 2, purl 2 in rounds until it reached 5 cms.
Then bound off.

It probably took me an hour to knit, so it was on the quick side. But i’ll be making a few more to practise knitting in the round.

I think it’s really cute, and it’s better than knitting swatches that no one will see. Even if it doesn’t quite have the same advantages.




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