FO 5, 6, & 7 – A couple of shawls

It’s the middle of April and we’re STILL having 30 degree days!
I just want to wear jeans already!
And these two shawls that have been finished and blocked for ages now but can’t bear to wear them yet.

So no awkward modelling, but you can admire them from afar.

The green one is Multnomah made from Invictus Yarns Determination which was a dream to knit with. Except that it was previously had frogged yarn, but that’s not the yarns fault.

The purple one is Terribly Simple made from my own hand dyed yarn! I added a simple cable down the centre to add a bit of something special to it.
I’m so impressed with my dyeing job.
Totally love both of them and can’t wait for it to be cool enough for me to wear them. Obviously I’m more in love with my hand-dye because I could only find one photo of the multnomah.








(What the last pattern is is a mystery to me, but it’s yarn from Yarn vs Zombies Doctor Who yarn club so I must have finished it this year. I just don’t remember when. Maybe some yarn fairies came in and made it for me in my sleep.)


Let’s go to the mall!

Metal stamping is so much easier when you have all the right equipment!

I’ve been purchasing supplies off etsy and so I have a bracelet bender, bracelet blanks and an anvil.

And I have an R-less metal stamping alphabet. The R is somewhere in my craft room but I just don’t know where.

So the first R-less quote that popped into my head was “let’s go to the mall”.

So that’s what I did!







part – time crafter

Feel free to hum Stevie Wonder while you’re reading this post. I know I am.

Although my shoulder is improving, after 8 hour at my desk job it gets pretty tired. However if I don’t get to knit, I get really cranky. So I’ve been trying to sneak in a little tiny bit of crafting.
This means that the socks which take 5 minutes just to figure out where I’m at on the pattern are out. Same with the jumper which is nearing it’s 1st birthday.
What I can do now I have the luxury of being able to leave crafting supplies out is jewellery.
(Seriously not having to pack everything up just so someone else can use the space is a total luxury. Also a luxury is actually having natural light to photograph things with! So much excitement!)

So I’ve been making earrings. Just one or two a day so I can fulfil the creative part of my brain which doesn’t get exercised during my day job. After spending all day at a computer I quite often don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything (even though I actually have you just can’t see it).
Hewhofishes was a roof carpenter for many years so quite often when we’re driving around the city I get a guided tour of the roofs that he built.
Which is really cool to see what he made.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job and I have a great sense of job satisfaction. But at the end of the day it’s nice to come home, spend some time actually making something that you can see.

Problem is, I already have too many earrings than I could possibly wear.
So I’ve decided to reopen my little shop.

And you my lovely readers, because we’re already friends, if anything takes your fancy I’ll ship it to you for freeeee!
Just use coupon code ‘parttimecrafter’.






it’s me!!!!

The fabulously talented Miss Jojojangles was recently offering custom illustrations and how could one possibly resist such an offer.

And I’m so pleased I did.
I even have a tardis inspired skirt which I need to figure out how to make in real life!

And then I decided I needed to use it in as many places as possible, so I added a few homely touches.


And if you look up (on the screen! don’t just look up at the sky like I just did) you’ll see a brand new blog header.
Thanks Jojo! You are totally awesomesauce!

(if you want one for yourself – the etsy link is here)


Yarn Collection – Persuasion

“As soon as I could use my hands she taught me to knit, which has been a great amusement;”

I own three copies of Persuasion.
One was in a box set, the second I bought because the first was getting too well worn, the third because I liked the cover more than the second.

The romance between Miss Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth is one of my favourites.
So I’ve based a yarn collection around all of my favourite parts. (This will contain spoilers if you’re not at all familiar with the plot.)


Anne of Green Gables Yarn Collection

Caity-Rosey made up a fun game yesterday and I wanted to join in.

Imagine being hired by a yarn company to come up with names for all their colorways. Total carte blanche to name them any way I want, using any wild inspiration that tickles my fancy. They pay me big bucks to do this, too.

Caity-Rosey’s collections were based on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe & Island of the Blue Dolphins. I highly recommend checking them out.

I decided my first collection would be based on Anne of Green Gables. (All of these beautiful yarns are from etsy. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the place where you can spend your hard earned money)


the haunted wood

scope for imagination

white way of delight

bosom friends

the lake of shining waters


puffed sleeves

Carrots! Carrots!

raspberry cordial

depths of despair


knitting is awesome

Knitting is trending today due to photos of the Australian Prime Minister being published in Women’s Weekly.
Rather than pick fights with random people on twitter (never a wise idea) I’m channeling my annoyance into reasons why knitting is awesome.

Image links to shorpy

And then I got distracted by pretty yarn and all my anger faded.

Which is the number one reason knitting it awesome. Pretty yarn.

etsy link here
-it’s relaxing
-it’s good for my mental health
-it makes marathoning tv shows somewhat productive
-it makes watching all 5 days of test match cricket somewhat productive
-you can make things while you wait at places
-you can’t fidget and knit at the same time
-you can pretend to save money by making things you see in shops (when really by the time you add up time and yarn$ you haven’t saved anything)
-learning new things
-all the geeky patterns
-the heightened sense of awareness of other people’s knitwear
-other knitters, even if you have nothing else in common there’s knitting
-that smugness whenever you see someone knitting in tv or books
-and for someone who spends her work day on a computer I really like being able to say “I made that”

And the #knittingsongs hash tag.



I love being a knitter


odds and ends

I’ve picked up my ten stitch blanket. I’m thinking that when I get to the next corner I might make a video to demonstrate how to turn the corner. I’ve shown it to some one in real life, and have had a few questions.
I’m now half regretting making it in sock weight yarn. Its now over a year old, and looks like its 3 more years away from being a decent size.

I also did some work on my gentle waves afghan. I showed you this in my video blog for Knit & Crochet blog week, but I’ve actually taken some photos now. It took me a few trys to start. I’m not that good at reading crochet instructions yet. But now that it’s established, its pretty mindless. Which was good because I’m still dieing loudly and building blanket forts.

I have managed to watch 6 seasons of 30 rock in 3 weeks from my blanket fort. I now need to find a new sitcom to fill that void. With Arrested Development being a netflix only production, and netflix being unavailable in australia, I was very happy to find a workaround .
Since then I’ve been discovering all that netflix has to offer. (And will quite happily take recommendations!)

I’ve been trying to not spend money on etsy. There are so many lovely things that I want. I think I have about 8 items in my cart that I’m pondering. Metal stamped cuff with yarn trinket? Yes Please!

There was no decent football to watch this weekend, as my team had a bye week. That always feels a bit weird.
So everything is a bit all over the place. But at some point it will all sort itself out again.
But finally I was cleaning out my spam comments and found this gem.

“Consider Pleasure In Your Cat By Following These Trusted Solutions.
Cats are astounding domestic canine and cats.
If you might be capable to’t be at your individual household all evening time, cats can are dwelling on their quite own. The following posting will assist you to ascertain all about cats.
As quickly because the holiday season rolls round, safeguard your Xmas tree from curious kitties. It might see that tree and climb it. That is generally an huge difficulty. Generally will not likely permit your dog canine to prowl all-round your tree. You will must also make distinct that you can locate no loose garlands, ornaments or tinsel that might be eaten along while using cat.
Genuinely will never have your cat acquire a med if they’re not struggling inside of the properly currently getting scenario
it skilled been formulated to take care of. Numerous of those people flea medicines you match on your distinctive cat also take care of for parasites, mites in addition as other illnesses that your cat wouldn’t have and are unable to contract. Even though these medications are productive on st cats, they may be undoubtedly not vital for indoor cats.
The site with the litter location is vital. Your at first”

And last but not least – Knitnrun4sanity, you are the lucky winner of my favourite tea! I’ve emailed you this morning. Please let me know if you didn’t receive the email. Congrats hun!!




A tale of 4 cowls

My best friend has the misfortune of supporting a football team with terrible colours.
Its also difficult to find nice options in the predominantly male clothing options (or icky t-shirts) available.
So I was thinking about this and made a drunken yarn purchase.
I found this yarn on etsy and just had to!



So now I’m trying to find the perfect pattern.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following. Clicking the photo will take you to it’s ravelry page.


Weeble-wobble cowl.
This has interesting construction and I’m interested to see how it’s made.


Stratosphere Cowl
This one has an interesting zig zag part but would show off the different colours really well.


Chevron Sunshine
I’ve not done chevrons before and think that this pattern would also show off the brown & gold nicely.


I really like the lace on this. It would be a bit of a challenge but I still think its elegant without being too much.

Ultimately the decision will be made by the recipient, but tell me what your favourite is.
Is there a pattern you’d recommend? Is the perfect pattern not in my shortlist?


#4KCBWDAY4 – Colour Review

Hello my name is Bek and I have pink and teal hair. (Hi Bek!)

I don’t think I’ll be too surprised when I actually look in my stash to see that I like a lot of the same colours.

Black, charcoal, grey, and white are staples. Plus tardis blue (and other variations), Port Adelaide teal, pale sunshine yellow, and every shade of pink that catches my eye.

I know that I’m going through a green phase at the moment too.
I’m not very discriminate when it comes to colour.

I am one of the .2% of females who are colour blind. Which does pose a bit of a problem when it comes to buying yarn.
I’ve tended to steer away from picking colours to match each other. If my bloke isn’t with me in the shop (yarn shopping isn’t his favourite past time- just as fishing lure shopping isn’t mine) I stick to self striping yarn, or basic combinations like my last white, black, and blue blanket.
I find etsy shopping easier because there’s less decisions to make holding up yarns and asking strangers if these two colours look the way I think they look.

I can see colours if I concentrate. But I can’t tell a red or green traffic light from a difference. Telling the difference between shades has always been a problem too. I remember getting in trouble at primary school for using a blue pencil when I should have used a purple one (they looked the same to me). I remember getting in trouble at high school for wasting time searching for a red cricket ball in brown leafs. Once again I couldn’t see the difference. I still have to concentrate watching cricket or else I lose the red ball in the green grass (depending on the shades of course).

It probably influences my photography more than my knitting, because I think I’m getting the colours right but they could be completely different. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The first yarn I ever bought was a pink splitty yarn.


This is my latest yarn haul from yarnvszombies. I’ve signed up for a yarn club (my first one) which will be fun this year.


And then there’s my football team colours. I will have feminine football merchandise even if I have to make it myself.



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