13. Portishead – Glory Box (140)

“so tired, of playing, playing with this bow and arrow
gonna to give my heart away, leaving to the other girls to play
cos i’ve been a temptress too long.
give me a reason to love you,
give me a reason to be a woman.
i just want to be a woman”

tempting as is it to just sing along with this, to pour my heart out to portishead as i’ve done so many times before, i have to concentrate.
try and bottle these feelings into a concise post which other people can actually understand, and not just a stream of consciousness about how i never felt like i was anything or anyone, and how this song tried to understand me.
this song made me understand that other people didn’t quite know who they were or where they were going.
it made me recognise that i wasn’t alone,
and for a young girl who always felt alone that was huge.
i feel like i’ve been talking a lot about 15 year old me, even though my playcount reset a few years ago, these songs are still important to me.
they still mean something to me after all these years.
and it just has a catchy string section
how many songs can you say that about

“move over and give us some room yeah,
give me a reason, to love you
give me a reason, to be a woman”


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