5. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (165)

i finally got to see these guys a couple of months ago
it. was. frickin. awes-tastic.

this song is just too perfect for words
if you have never heard this song before listen to it now!


i can remember having a conversation with this really cool perth band called the jive express – i was too young and too naive to hold a proper conversation with people who i felt were celebrities, and i just started talking and as usual “blech” was all that came out.
i can remember talking about this really cool music assignment i was doing where i was writing a music magazine, and i told them that i had used one of their songs. and it’s still a really cool song, but they asked me about how i felt about the chord progressions that they had used, and how they had messed with the time signatures, and all this technical stuff that i knew about but had never thought to talk about in a music magazine, and all i had to say was “i’m writing about music, i’m writing about how it makes me feel”
i may not have said it that eloquently but that’s how it goes in my head.

i could go into detail about how this song is a pastiche to smashing pumpkins, how they’ve used layering effects and harmonies and simple hooks but that’s not what music is to me anymore.
i’m no longer a composer, i no longer play an instrument (i think 5 years of not picking up a drum stick, save catching them in crowds – which i’m really good at by the way, qualifies as not playing any more), i can’t sing in tune any more because my ear’s no longer in tune, but i can still write. not well, i can admit that, but it’s something i enjoy, and i enjoy writing about music, and mostly how it makes me feel, how it’s a part of my life, how it makes my life better.

this song has made my life better.
my life would not be the same without this song.
i would not have felt properly without this song.
“it’s the room the sun and the sky
the room the sun and the sky
i’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting for this moment”


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