16. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Will You Smile Again (133)

really in a trail of dead mood today – particularly after they’ve just announced new album set for release Feb 7.
i kinda can’t listen to this song without the prelude ‘ode to isis’ before it.
will you smile again has an awesome start – it was my ringtone for months
but ode to isis just contains everything i love about trail of dead, string orchestras, choirs, (doctor who soundtracks)
and then there’s the first time you listen to the song with headphones, as opposed to on a stereo, and you hear the super creepy
and, you, will, know, us, by, the, trail, of, dead

i really want to see this band live,
last time they were in australia they just did melbourne and sydney, and i was too broke to fly over.
i now have a reserve fund specially for T.O.D if that only do melbourne and sydney again.

and then after this magestically orchestral introduction, it just cuts away to feedback, vocals, and one string guitar.
“would you ride again for me?
and the drums….

just long it take for you to understand
when your feelings stopped and the writing began
convinced yourself to take control
take to the hills this unlikely role

remember all the bad dreams
not far from reality
would you ride again for me?”

the worst thing about this song is listening to it on a train and trying not to scream the lyrics.

and the drums…

please, if you’re out there, come to Perth! i’ll love you forever…


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