14. Rise Against – Roadside (139)

roadside was always just a mood swing away from the good left undone.

“so leave me, at the roadside,
and hang me up and out to dry,
cos i don’t think you see the places inside me that i find
and i don’t know how we woke up somehow thought we knew
exactly what we’re supposed to do”

as much as i loved, i had self doubt.
i wondered if what i was doing was right
there was a lot of change going on
i dont do change well

this song was all about fear, and the unknown.
feeling insecure
which kinda resonates with where i am at the moment.

but it did lead me to find holy roman empire
which is where the female singer is from
it’s a pity i found them after they had split up
but i still love their album too.
i always love a good strong rock chick…


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