9. Zero 7 – Destiny (147)

i simply love this entire album.
it lets me sink away into another time.
if there’s one theme about my top 20, it’s that they all transport me somewhere. i guess that’s why i love music so much.
it’s transporting

“i lie awake, i’ve gone to ground, i’m watching porn in my hotel dressing gown
and now i dream of you but i still believe there’s only enough for one in this lonely hotel suite”

i can remember trying to write/draw these lyrics onto one of my uni note books – it didn’t work and i ended up with A.F.I’s … but home is nowhere (the secret song) but the intention was there.

my favourite memory of this song (apart from a very personal memory) is second year of uni, after a pretty bad breakup, and a different, insignificant, but still influential relationship, which resulted in me shaving my head and escaping to margaret river for the weekend with my best friend. we had a couple of wild nights at settlers (including a bag of chuppa-chups, some crazy strangers, a hotel room with a group of guys who didn’t know who guns’n’roses were!, too much alcohol, a couple of shopping trolleys – so pretty much a standard night for us two) before skiving off work for a couple of extra days and spending it watching mtv and movies.
i had always loved this album – it was already in my top ten, and the time i heard it at BDO in 07 when i was absolutely shattered, waiting for the violet femmes to play is a close second, but i should finish this story first.
but it was this weekend when i discovered it was on the soundtrack to ‘blue crush’ the only surfing movie i have ever watched and liked (much to my surfer boyfriends distaste – it’s probably the only surfing movie he hasn’t seen).
and it just summed up that weekend.
i know the lyrics are about a guy and a girl, but that weekend they became all about me
about knowing yourself, who you are, and how strong i am.
that weekend was so important in knowing who i am
even though both the guys i was running from were total douchebags, i can still be grateful that they led me to that moment in time, where i discovered a bit more about who i am.
if i had to start a movie about my life somewhere – that would be where i would start it…
well one of the places where i would start it. that’s kind of the start of an important time – but there are plenty of movies in my life so far…
“when i’m weak, i draw strength from you
and when you’re lost, i know how to change your mood
and when i’m down, you breathe life over me
even though we’re miles apart we are each other’s destiny”


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