19. Muse – Uno (132)

this really makes me feel old.
i can remember being on year 11 camp and drumming this out on my legs until they bruised, just trying to get the right rhythm
i can remember the thrill of hearing showbiz on the radio because it was my favourite song and i didn’t think i would ever hear it on the radio because they were just some random english band i was interested in
talking about muse is like opening up a minefield.

i love them so so much
i was a contributor to the musewiki
i used to have folder and folders of matt and dom pictures and gifs before there was ever a tumblr to share them on
i defended them to all my friends who thought they were just a bit wierd.

i can remember hershing this song when kat, katy, and i went to rotto in ’00.
it was one of the first times that i had been allowed out on a holiday with friends.
and probably for good reason because we kinda ran riot. well we ended up getting grounded, meeting lots of boys, having a couple of drinks, discovering what pinkys beach was all about, and having some hilarious post-rotto meet ups with boys that went hysterically (in hindsight) wrong…
and this song was all part of it…

i was a muse fan girl before any one else i knew.
and it kinda makes me sad that they didn’t play anything from showbiz on sunday night.. .
not a song…


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