3. British India – Frozen on the Inside (170)

“and i just want you to know, and i just want you to know
here they complain that the city has changed, but i wouldn’t want
it to stay the same anyway”

all of these songs are just so
personal, it proving really difficult to write about all of them. i
guess they’re in my top 20 for a reason. i forget how old i am some
times, it feels like this song has been with me for years.

it sounds like one of those songs that, as a 15 year old teenager, i
listened to in my bedroom, headphones blaring, trying to ignore the
sounds of my family, the fact that i was a typical teenager, and
everything else that goes along with trying to figure out who the
hell you are in yourself. but it’s only three years old, and i
didn’t get this album until british india’s second album was
released so it suddenly turns me into a 24 year old (teenager), out
on my own, stereo blaring with no one to tell me to turn it down,
screaming every lyric like i can only figure out who i am if i’m
singing (term used loosely) at the top of my lungs.
“frozen on the inside”
life would be so much
easier if you could just freeze your insides so you couldn’t feel
anything, but then you couldn’t feel anything. and where’s the fun
in that.


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