2. Birds of Tokyo – Broken Bones(230)

i’ve kinda gone off birds a bit, after sspu supported them?
yeh i’m not going to get over that one very soon.

i still remember seeing birds before ian kenny was their lead singer, back when i was at uni and this band called seraphim supported them at black bettys.
(and yeh i still have that ticket stub – that’s how cool i am)

this was probably their breakthrough single, well it made it onto a triple j hottest 100 album which is kinda cool.
it is a good song,
but to be honest the only reason there are two birds of tokyo songs in my top 20 is because i saw them for the 3rd time the night before i flew to melbourne for the first time, and it was in my melbourne playlist
it was a bit of a rebirth for me, i hadn’t been to a gig in absolutely ages, and they’re perth boys. which makes them awesome…
and i was feeling homesick (i was only in melbourne for ~50 hours but it was still a massive deal) so i listened to feel close to home, and to reminisce about thursday night.

“i’m on a highway that leads to the end
i’m on a highway that leads to…
these broken bones
this busted smile
my head it hurts
i should be leaving now”


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