20 The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh (132)

After hearing (read dancing my life away) this song live at Southbound, I was reminded how much I love it.
From the Patty Smith quip, to the sun drenched, french girls , it’s just so damn catchy!
And some great Dr Seuss rhyming.
It’s a great running track as it has a great rhythm.
It’s a great dancing track because it has fun.
And it takes the piss out of people’s dancing
people don’t dance no more,
they just stand there like this,
they fold their arms
and stare you down
and drink
and moan
and diss.

Actually it’s quite a cynical song – which is probably why I latched onto it so much.
It’s not that different to Don Gon Do It, Get Myself Into It, or First Gear. It has the same catchiness, the same energy, but there’s something about it that made it stand out.


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