Some pork on the fork

Well we have our gender stereotypes down pat. I made the potato salad whilst the Mr made the pork chops.

Maybe its gender stereotypes, but it does play to our strengths.

The man loves his barbecue.
And he can cook some good pork. It was seasoned generously while he warmed up the barbie with the lid closed. Then he put the meat in trying not to let too much hot air escape.
Or at least that’s the description I got.

This iteration of potato salad consisted of bacon, of course, peas, celery, onion, potatoes and lots and lots of fresh parsley and chives.
Topped off with some grated cheddar and store bought Caesar dressing it was a good accompaniment to the pork. Which was divine.

I’m not ashamed to say I got as much meat off the bone as I could. And may have growled when my plate was being taken away. It was so good.

Stereotypes be damned. My man does a mean BBQ.





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