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Jewellery inspired by gifs

Whoop! Jewellery inspired by gifs.

Now if only the gifs came to life and we could put them on our walls and then everywhere would be tumblr.


Also a quick update on the Liz Lemon hat. It is now pompomless. The pompom decided that it no longer wanted to exist and so unravelled itself in a fit of rage.



FO5 – a Liz Lemon hat

I’ve been watching a lot of 30 Rock lately and I’ve been very distracted by the knitwear of Liz Lemon.

The lady rocks the knits.

(this one is even on ravelry

And so I knew I needed a kickarse slouchy hat with a big pompom. So I found a suitable hat pattern, borrowed some moda vera marvel soft from my blanket stash, and even made a very poor pompom.

Bitches get stuff done.






FO 3 – mystery yarn socks

The first pair of socks for 2014 are off the needles.

They’re made with mystery yarn that I forgot to catalogue on ravelry, didn’t keep the ball band, and couldn’t understand the language it was written in.

But I liked the colours and figured it was probably a fingering weight.

As my beloved 2.5mm addis currently make my fingers all tingly when I use them (thanks old lady bones) so instead I found a pattern that used 3.5mm needles.
Which doesn’t sound like a lot but that 1mm makes a big difference on my tingly fingers.
I’ve got three pairs on the needles at the moment, 2 on bigger needles again (3.75 & 4.5mm) which also are helping the old lady bone situation and one on 2.5mm which are in hibernation due to the finger tingles.

The pattern is ampersand- upside down, and predictably was knit toe up & two at a time. Let’s not get too crazy here.

I substituted in a fish lips kiss heel which looks pretty good and is really comfortable to wear.

There is still enough yarn left over for at least one other pair of socks. Or maybe something else. Lets see what the mystery yarn tells me to do.

Thanks to Moo for modelling but they are a bit too big for his tiny cow footsies.






FO2 – Parcel

My first ever jumper is off the needles.
Well it was finished last week, but it’s been too stinking hot to try and model it. (It’s officially Autumn and today is set to be 38 degrees. That’s 100 for all you Fahrenheit folk.)

I started Parcel over a year ago. I remember knitting it at Perth Festival last year. When Perth Festival came around this year I decided it was time to knuckle down and finish this damn thing. As much as I liked the set in sleeves it did mean that whilst knitting them I had a jumper on my lap. Fortunately Hewhofishes likes living in an igloo so it wasn’t too bad.

It was a well written pattern (having no experience to compare it to) and I chose it carefully wanting something with cables, that was knitted in the round, and didn’t have any seaming.

So here it is! All ready for some cooler weather.

I still haven’t figure out how to take a good picture in my crafty room and don’t know whether to blame the model or the lighting.

I knitted a jumper that fits!!! That’s a pretty big achievement.





Ravelry Pattern Page – for those who want all the gory details.


part – time crafter

Feel free to hum Stevie Wonder while you’re reading this post. I know I am.

Although my shoulder is improving, after 8 hour at my desk job it gets pretty tired. However if I don’t get to knit, I get really cranky. So I’ve been trying to sneak in a little tiny bit of crafting.
This means that the socks which take 5 minutes just to figure out where I’m at on the pattern are out. Same with the jumper which is nearing it’s 1st birthday.
What I can do now I have the luxury of being able to leave crafting supplies out is jewellery.
(Seriously not having to pack everything up just so someone else can use the space is a total luxury. Also a luxury is actually having natural light to photograph things with! So much excitement!)

So I’ve been making earrings. Just one or two a day so I can fulfil the creative part of my brain which doesn’t get exercised during my day job. After spending all day at a computer I quite often don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything (even though I actually have you just can’t see it).
Hewhofishes was a roof carpenter for many years so quite often when we’re driving around the city I get a guided tour of the roofs that he built.
Which is really cool to see what he made.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job and I have a great sense of job satisfaction. But at the end of the day it’s nice to come home, spend some time actually making something that you can see.

Problem is, I already have too many earrings than I could possibly wear.
So I’ve decided to reopen my little shop.

And you my lovely readers, because we’re already friends, if anything takes your fancy I’ll ship it to you for freeeee!
Just use coupon code ‘parttimecrafter’.






FO#24 – Elementary Watson socks

I have been killing it at being an adult this week. My giant to-do list is getting shorter, our new house is now insured, our apartment is one step closer to being rented out, and in a surprise twist almost all of my Christmas shopping is done.

Mums pressie has been done for ages, the family over east just needs wrapping, and a pair of socks for Dad came off the needles this week.

Although technically they are a birthday present. There are 3 December birthdays in my family which I tend to include as part of Christmas shopping.

The pattern is elementary Watson. It’s cables like this that make me wish I was attracted to solid sock yarn.
The pattern does get lost in the self striping, but it’s still there.

I particularly liked the fleegel heel. I think I’ll be using that again in the near future.
And as usual these are toe up, two at a time, magic looped on my trusty 2.5mm Addi Turbos.




This is sock number 7 this year! I have to get shuffle on if I’m going to make 12. Methinks slightly larger needles for the next pair.


Because I love my little brother

I made him a cushion.

Because my family don’t understand presents without a reason it’s a “housewarming” present.

Even though he moved into his new place about a year ago.

I love my little brother.
Every so often I will get a text message just with a quote from a TV show we both like.

His text tone is from futurama. “The alien mother ship is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Check mate.”

Even that just makes me laugh.
He calls me little sis because I’m only 5’10” and he’s over 6″.
I call him my little brother because he’s 5 years younger.

So I figured the best way to celebrate this relationship is with quotes on a cushion.
One side is from black books “feng shui is nine tenths of the law”.
The other is from doctor who (in case the tardis didn’t give it away).


My middle brother may not be the TV geek that my little brother and I am, but his two little ones had birthdays last week and I couldn’t let that pass without sending off some knitted gifts.

You can’t really go wrong with a hat and a scarf.


Now I just need to figure out what to do for Father’s Day!
I’m trying to track down some handkerchiefs to embroider with little success. If all else fails chocolate coated sultanas always go down a treat.

This is another cushion for my 13 in 2013 project.



My knitting monogomy is making me multicraftural.

Because I’ve been working on the same knitting projects I want to branch out in other crafts.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that when I made all those pretty stitch markers, there were also some earrings in the photo.

I didn’t draw attention to them because I had intended a pair to be a surprise for my best friend who was overseas at the time but is an avid reader of my blog (despite not being a knitter).
But she’s back now and I’m seeing her tonight (we’re seeing Cold War Kids!!) so I’m going to spoil the surprise.

So MidnightMoose I have a pair of earrings waiting for you. As always you’re allowed to hate them and you’re really more of a product tester because I’m really not sure of my jewelry making skills just yet.

But I can’t just give her a pair of earrings. Not when there’s jumper instructions to decipher and understand.

So I grabbed some photo paper, my new scallop edged scissors (typo bargain!), a silver paint pen, some washi tape, and a needle.

Put them all together and you get a wonky earrings set.

Maybe next time I’ll use a ruler too.




So oh moose who plays at midnight, when I see you tonight remind me that I have some earrings to give you???


The finishing touches FO#14

My modern garden cardigan is finally properly finished. It has buttons and everything.

And now it has buttons you can clearly see that I messed up the button holes.

I may research ways to insert a button hole, I may also just try to force it. Or I may just leave well enough alone. I haven’t decided yet.

I sewed the buttons on with matching embroidery thread. The buttons are from spotlight and I still have 3 left so I may make a matching hat.
Again I haven’t really decided yet.

Apart from the button hole lapse in concentration I’m super chuffed that I made this.
I do always feel a little bit self conscious wearing things I’ve made. In primary school wearing home made clothes put a target on your back which I haven’t altogether forgotten. I think things have changed though. More people see home made items as a hobby rather than a sign of lack of wealth.
Plus I burst out laughing any time someone insinuates knitting your own clothing is cheaper.