SOTW – Bombay Bicycle Club

Usually after seeing a couple of bands on the weekend the first thing I do is play them on repeat, download all my photos, and try and re-live the experience.

Instead after the weekend I’ve slipped hard into the latest Bombay Bicycle Club like it’s a happy place. I haven’t even downloaded the photos yet.

Maybe I went into seeing the National with such high expectations I was only going to be disappointed. But if I had high expectations it’s because they set them the last time I saw them.
I wanted them to make the Belvoir a magical place full of quiet awe, using all the variation and subtleties that their music delivers.
Instead they played a lacklustre rock show.

DJ Shadow I was hoping to be like Cut Chemist was last year. The good vibes of Perth Festival with a style of music that I don’t really listen to but a performance which I enjoyed anyway.

Sampology was great. It was a different set to the one he played at Southbound but it was still a good time.

Then DJ Shadow came on. And went off twice because of sound issues. The festival gardens was absolutely packed with people standing on the stairs. For 2 years now we’ve snagged a couch and had the best view in the house. Instead of having a view there were people on the stairs and no security to tell them to move along.

At one point there was a line to get out of the stage area to get to the line to the toilets.
Needless to say it wasn’t exactly enjoyable. Even Hewhofishes who has seen DJ Shadow x times before said that he didn’t enjoy it.

Still Bombay Bicycle Club haven’t disappointed me this week.
Happy place.




Wolf & Cub

Wolf and cub kicked some rock and roll ass on Saturday night.

We got there as doors opened and enjoyed the almost-summer air with a few cold bevvies. Amps wasn’t sad and lonely for long.

The first support was nothing amazing, but doctopus who were up second were pretty cool.
Not enough men rock pigtails quite like the doctopus bassist.
And not enough lead guitarists play from lieing down on the stage.
AND not enough Aussie bands have songs dedicated to ice hockey and Wayne Gretsky (hello Canadia!)

Even though wolf & cub only have on drummer / drum kit on stage these days, they totally make up for it.
I think they may have a chance of breaking into the hottest 100 this year. 20131030-090938.jpg


We probably would have bought tshirts anyway (you can never have too many band shirts), but as the band members were manning the merch stand we had a chat, a couple of pics, and walked away with a signed poster.

All round tops evening watching a tops band and listening to some tops tunes live.




Cold War Kids

Last time I saw Cold War Kids it was 40 degrees and there was no shade available.

Fortunately Friday night was in winter and inside.

Preshow we watched the football and then the cricket at a nearby pub. We got in, found a good spot, and then they were on!

We perched ourself just behind the VIP area which meant that the sound quality wasn’t the absolute greatest but it meant we could see.
If we wanted to hear it better we had to not see anything.

They played a reasonable length set without too many surprises. Which is annoying when your current favourite song is not a hit, as mine currently is.






You Am I

I don’t know if You Am I were ever big outside of Australia, but for me they were one of those bands that you couldn’t avoid.
Even though I was never a massive fan they crept into movies I loved, hottest 100 CDs, and high school parties.

They played at the Astor on Sunday night and it was fantastic.






The Tallest Man on Earth

So we wrapped up our Perth Festival with Buke and Gase supporting the Tallest Man On Earth.

I’d seen the Tallest Man on Earth before and it was fantastic.
I did some research on Buke and Gase the day of the gig and found their bio and their music really interesting. Particularly the concept of making your own instruments.


The it was the Tallest Man On Earth.
It’s so difficult to get a photo of Kristian Mattson because he’s always moving around the stage with such energy and enthusiasm.

He played a good set of songs from all his albums, and he opened with my brothers favourite King of Spain.
I have great difficulty deciding on my favourite song, but I wasn’t disappointed with his set. I felt like I heard everything I wanted to.

With an almost full moon shining over the stage, it was the perfect way to finish what was a great series of concerts. (Even if everything didn’t go quite as smoothly as previous years – I’m looking at you security guard who took the key home and they had to hacksaw off the lock so they could let everyone in)




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The Shins

Well Monday was the Shinsday.
This is why we went to Melbourne, and what we were there for.
And it would have taken a lot to disappoint.

This review from faster louder says everything I want to say about the music.
It was everything that you expected, and I was happy with that.

Understandably they played a lot from their latest album. The Rifles Spiral is one of my favorite songs this year and it was great to see it live.
It was the venue that was most surprising. How does Melbourne put up with it? We had move forward to try and get a good view of the stage, but after 4 songs of jostling for position, getting beer spilt on us by passers by, and the chick in front of me rubbing her arse against me, we found the better position was right at the back.
It had a clear view, probably better than craning your neck to see, plus there was room to move.
We also saw 8 people that required medical attention. Guys and girls who had passed out, or we’re very near to. You’d expect heat stroke at a punk concert, but The Shins?

Soon enough, we had sung along, wooed our lungs out, and enjoyed James Mercer’s dulcet tones and it was over. We cheered for an encore, but it would have been better of without it. Instead of leaving on a high, we left confused.
But we finished Monday night where we started Friday night, at Youngs and Jackson.
The bar tender took a photo of us in our shins merch and we reminisced on the weekend.

It really was a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to go back.

Bring on AFL finals!






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The mountain goats @ the bakery

It was a school night. I had a headache (which would last another three days). I understood why the bakery is named the bakery (it was hot).
But in spite of all that I had an awesome night. And bonus points to the bakery for awesome toilets.

It was some awesome pre-show conversation with my sis-in-law (even though the Mr and I aren’t technically married i still think she’s my family).

I quite forgot that Catherine Traicos was playing. I have one of her albums which is pretty hit and miss, but we were really only there for the mountain goats.

And then The Mountain Goats came on.
He is definitely a mad man with a guitar.

If I hadn’t have felt like shit, and if it wasn’t so hot, I could have listened to them chat and play all night.

I would have loved to have seen them play in festival gardens. Comfy couches would have suited them to a T.

I also would have liked to know more of their songs. I though having 4 albums would make me a fan? But apparently not. But it didn’t matter. They sounded exactly as they should.

And that is all that really mattered.

The anecdotes were witty and funny, giving you that sense that they were truly glad to be there.

There’s always that added sense of joy when you hear a band that sounds exactly like they do on their recordings.
That magical voice is just as magical in person.

There were some moments of pure happiness.
And that’s what a band should aim for.
That pure moment when you’re in the audience and you just can’t help but smile. And you can think is how wonderful this music is, where it transports you to, and how you feel while you’re there.






Death Cab For Cutie – Festival Gardens

I seem to be gushing a lot lately, but Death Cab on Saturday night were amazing. Festival Gardens is an awesome venue and I sincerely wish that it becomes a permanent venue, not just for 3 weeks during festival.

Couches should be mandatory at gigs. It felt like we were watching a band whilst relaxing at home.
It also helps when the band you’re watching is polished and professional.

Fun times.












The Rock Show – with Jon English

Was absolutely amazing.
Such a polished performance, as you’d expect from Jon English.

I went in with pretty much no expectations about what The Rock Show would be.
It was a trip down memory lane, with some very talented musicians.

The Astor was such a perfect venue too; there even was a meet and greet afterwards. I asked a burning question about Pirates of the Penzance that was hotly debated growing up (I was right).

But the absolute highlight was two rows in front of us (so second row), this white haired granny was rocking out to every song. She knew every word to Bohemian rhapsody. She’s my idol.

It was an awesome night, I was crying with laughter at points. I only wish they had a longer run because I could have recommended it to so many people.








St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Anyone that follows me on instagram would know that I went to Laneway festival on Saturday. M83 were definitely the highlight, followed pretty closely by Girls and The Drums.

But what I think I like most about laneway is the laid back attitude of most patrons. Everyone is there to listen to some good bands and have a really great day.

The sound issues of two years ago had been fixed (nothing worse than trying to listen to the silence which js as much a part of the xx’s sound as their actual music, when the silence is another band in the background), and drink lines and amenity lines were always short and sweet.

Awesome day and awesome vibe. See you next year.