15 – Muse Unintended (135)

I saved this song until last because I wasn’t sure what I was going to say.
I must have written this in my head a thousand times, with a thousand different ideas.
About how it was the first muse song I ever loved.
About how it had taken me through so much heartbreak. Continue reading 15 – Muse Unintended (135)


17 Zero 7 – Out of Town (132)

Hot coffee on a brisk Sunday morning
Glossy magazines in the bath
Lying in bed at night solving the world’s problems
Warm afternoons, chilling after a hard days work
A glass of white wine on my balcony
Lying on the grass at Big Day Out, waiting for The Violent Femmes to play Continue reading 17 Zero 7 – Out of Town (132)

7 Brand New – Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Doesn’t (159)

Okay I believe you, is part of the magic that is Deja Entendu.
It’s one of those albums that is incredibly difficult to not listen to in sequence, must like most of Brand New’s albums.
The only reason that okay I believe you stands on it’s own is that it was on one of my boys mix tapes that he made me. I now own all 4 albums, and have seen them live (twice actually – but the first time I didn’t know who they were. I made a lot of musical mistakes at that time of my life.)
I have cried to this song, I have been angry to this song, I have reflected to this song, I have looked into my boy’s eyes and felt so much love, this song has been with me through every single facet of emotion. And I am finding it incredibly difficult to write about.
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6 – Zero 7 – Distractions (164)

Song number 2 from Zero 7 in my top 20.
This song is two things. A great intro hook and quirky ‘I love you’ lyrics.

The hook just spirals around in my head, nauseatingly, dizzyingly, trying to take me away to a different world, a world back before I had ever said I love you let alone felt what I now know love to be.
It is distracting. It tries to intoxicate you, and then its vocals draws you in fancy a big house, some kids and a horse, I can not quite but nearly guarantee a divorce. I think that I love you, I think that I do. So go on mister, make Miss me Mrs you.
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18 Muse – Invincible (132)

I never really liked this song much, but because it was the most popular for a while, so I put it on a lot of party playlists. But surely not enough to get it to 132.
I don’t remember ever listening to it on repeat.
There are certainly better songs on the album.
I certainly would not have listened to it 3 times less than Unintended.
So I’m baffled as to why it’s here.
And I can’t think of a reason.

20 The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh (132)

After hearing (read dancing my life away) this song live at Southbound, I was reminded how much I love it.
From the Patty Smith quip, to the sun drenched, french girls , it’s just so damn catchy!
And some great Dr Seuss rhyming. Continue reading 20 The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh (132)

3. British India – Frozen on the Inside (170)

“and i just want you to know, and i just want you to know
here they complain that the city has changed, but i wouldn’t want
it to stay the same anyway”

all of these songs are just so
personal, it proving really difficult to write about all of them. i
guess they’re in my top 20 for a reason. i forget how old i am some
times, it feels like this song has been with me for years.
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19. Muse – Uno (132)

this really makes me feel old.
i can remember being on year 11 camp and drumming this out on my legs until they bruised, just trying to get the right rhythm
i can remember the thrill of hearing showbiz on the radio because it was my favourite song and i didn’t think i would ever hear it on the radio because they were just some random english band i was interested in
talking about muse is like opening up a minefield.
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