Going camping

About this time two years ago, the better half and I were on a four week camping holiday where we drove from Perth to Adelaide and back.

So most of the last month I’ve been reminiscing about where we would have been this time last year, and it’s given me the camping bug big time.
We were always planning to go away this weekend, but we were both able to get the time off between Anzac Day and the weekend as well.
I’m pretty excited. It will be our first longer-than-two-day holiday for quite a while. Especially since we’ve both started new jobs within the last year and neither of us took a break in between.

So unexpectedly being able to have a 5 day holiday is all kinds of awesome.
Except we have to go into planning mode pretty quickly. Fortunately we’ve got most of it down pat.

So I placed a food order last night, and more importantly quickly cast on a pair of two at a time toe up socks. I would like to have some socks on the go, but the cast on requires a bit of concentration. So hopefully I can get the toe increases done tonight and then i’ll take that, my green cowl, my blanket of doom, and possibly even cast on another sock-head hat just for good measure. Or maybe that’s a bit too much. I’m not sure! I mean it is only 5 days. And we are taking our bikes, and fishing rods, and possibly hiring kayaks.
Maybe I’m overthinking this. Actually I know I’m overthinking this.

So I have the food sorted, and the knitting sorted. Now all I need to do is actually pack and get down there and start enjoying the impromptu holiday.

On second thoughts – I have sock yarn for my blanket, I might just take my sock-head hat needles, just in case.

I will return to my regular scheduled posts next week. Depending on mobile coverage I may be able to post some photos.
Everyone have a safe Anzac Day – Lest We Forget.

And some nostalgia from our Adelaide trip.
This is what camping is to me.






4 thoughts on “Going camping

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. Now I want to go camping. And I never want to go camping. So I guess what I really want is to go camping in Australia.

    1. I am led to believe our beaches are far superior to American beaches. (Then again I would love to go camping in America – I have never seen snow and think those forest type camping areas look really pretty {and cold!})

  2. Have so much fun. We have our first trip booked for the summer. Just three days as it is a new camp grounds and I am always leery about spending too much time in a brand new pace. We’ll be here when you get home 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos! I especially like the first one- looks so relaxing!

    I hope you enjoy your camping trip and that you have awesome weather! I hope to squeeze in A LOT of camping this summer too!

    And as far as knitting projects… you can never bring too many. What if you finish them all on the ride over?

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