a fennel success and a fennel disaster

the nicest compliment i’ve been payed in a good while was as a look of total shock and surprise after describing what i was planning to cook for dinner – “are you good at everything you do”… It was so incredibly sweet in its delivery And rather heartfelt – it really touched me…
Even more so when dinner turned out to be a total disaater… It was a taste.com.au recipe. I really wanted to try working with fennel so i found two different ways…

Because i was watching football (Childress! Why didn’t you challenge Green Bay’s second touchdown – we totally would have won) i decided to make sausage rolls (or snosage rolls as they’re affectionately known in my house) using a roast fennel seed, mustard powder, and dried coriander spice mix in chicken mince. Needless to say, they were delicious once coated in puff pastry and sprinkled with sesame seeds… So they were a hit with my boy and thank goodness or else he would have had sandwiches for dinner…

The next recipe was not a success by any stretch of the imagination… it was meant to be chicken, fennel, and lemon fettuccine
I’m not sure what went wrong but the sauce didn’t create itself – even though there was a can of cream in there… and the chicken mince was all gloopy, the zucchini didn’t really work (that one could be down to my chopping skills, and for a first attempt at fennel… well it was a bit of a disaster…
I managed to get mine down, J ate half and the rest went straight in the freezer hopefully until I’m desperate… It looked like congealed chicken mess…
But J’s cooking tonight – he had a hankering for barbequed burgers last night and i think after my attempt last night he might be more determined for a good dinner.


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