trio of salads

well i hopped on my wii-fit for the first time in a long time last night…
definitely put on more weight over christmas than i expected (i knew my clothes were a little snug).
so my goal for the month is so get on the wii-fit everyday, drink less alcohol, and eat more fresh food.

so to start me on my way i made a trio of salads.

a bocconcini, basil, and tomato salad
(which as it sounds is, wait, bocconcini cheese, basil leaves, and tomato slices held together by skewers.)

a waldorf salad
which is celery, granny smith apple, lettuce, toasted walnuts, and mayonaise.

and my pretty in pink salad
which is spinach, beetroot, red onion, chickpeas, and feta. Measured in whatever quantities feel right.
This one is probably the healthiest – and the prettiest.

in the pretty in pink salad, i used a whole tin of chick peas so now i have salads for the rest of the week.

the next salad i’m going to try is a spinach, roasted capsicum, and feta salad which i had in a restaurant the other week.
Summer is good for salads.


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