FO #22 – the shawl

While I was away, I tackled my first proper lace knitting shawl.

The stars aligned and the yarn perfectly matched the pattern.
I could see it in my head before it was even started.

The yarn is from Yarn vs Zombies who is one of my favourite yarn suppliers.
This particular colour is a limited colour way from the Downton Abby & Tea club. It was so much fun to be part of a club I signed up for another. Getting themed yarn delivered to my door? Yes please!

The pattern is dragonfly wings and it’s one of the more popular patterns on Ravelry for a reason. It was very easy to read and had line by line instructions as well as a chart. There was a slight counting issue (counting is hard!) so I did rip back and start again, but I still finished it in a week (and a season of Game of Thrones).

It was also my first time using my blocking mats properly.
It took at least an hour to pin it all out. But I’ve finally witnessed the magic of blocking. The process of something coming off the needles, not really looking like anything, but then transformed by a spray of water and some time.
Its a bit magical.






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