go to – chicken fettucine

you know that awkward moment when your boyfriend brings his brother round unexpectantly to pick up something?
And you’re already in your track pants and settled in for the night playing Final Fantasy 7?
And then asks what’s for dinner and you have to improvise with what you have in the cupboard?

So yeah, Friday night my boyfriend’s brother came over for dinner.

Fortunately i had chicken thighs in the freezer which i could defrost.
They (once diced) went into a pan to brown with some onion and garlic.

Fettucine went in another pot to boil away.

Once the chicken was browned, a little white wine went into the pot.
Once that had reduced a tub of long life cream (i can never have fresh cream – it never lasts).

Once that had reduced i remember that i had mushrooms in the fridge, that would have been perfect but really needed to be added with the chicken.

The chicken and the fettucine ended up cooked at the same time (shock horror).
So it was plated up with some grated cheese and some fresh parsley from my garden.

impressive and super easy.
no pics because i was entertaining.
but this is a pic of a similar dish from a little while ago


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