Knit one, purl one

A while ago my boyfriend said I should find a hobby, something to occupy my time that was productive, so I started this blog.
Which has definitely done the job. It was (still is) a great way to spent nights alone when I could just write.

However since the loml (love of my life) moved in, nights to myself have diminished somewhat. And writing on my laptop while he’s watching telly always results in “what are you doing?” and love him as I do, he doesn’t quite get the whole blogging thing. So I can either write (as I am now) on my trusty iPhone, which is speedy but nowhere need my laptop typing speed. This doesn’t result in probing questions as it’s not uncommon for us to watch telly together and play on our phones (sometimes against each other so it’s not entirely anti-social .. and words with friends is cheaper than buying a scrabble board).
Or not blog.

So to occupy my time I’ve taken up knitting.

I’ve learnt soo much.
I remember my mum teaching me to knit when I was younger, but I only really remember the actual knitting, which wasnt as exciting as the books I wanted to read.
There is so much more to knitting than I ever imagined. And thanks to the Internet its really accessible. I’ve bought a couple of apps, spent a bit of time of YouTube, and even bought some knitting books.

And it’s not all scarves. After only a month or two I’ve made a few beanies, a beret, and started a pair of arm warmers.

This is my first beanie so far.


I’ve also made some to send over to my brother and his family over east.


All those were made using 7mm double pointed needles.

The red and grey one is Inca 7019 & 7004.
The grey ones are Moda Vera Cardellino and the baby blue one is Sooky.

All three were from a pattern book from Cleckheaton.

Fun times and practical.

Now what to make next??


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