Too expensive for plastic seats – Avenue 9

I don’t like being disappointed by a restaurant.

Last week when we were on our way home from shopping (a desk, a sewing machine, a tripod, and a wii fitness game) and it was dreary and neither of us felt like cooking.

So we pulled into Avenue 9. And I’m a bit sad to say that I was disappointed.

It was very expensive for what it was. My Thai Beef Salad was $26, and it was drenched in dressing to the point that there was a pool on the bottom of the bowl.
The beef was cooked beautifully but there was too much dressing for my taste.

The Mister had the Chicken Caeser with Anchovies. The anchovies were on the side which was nice, but it was rather unremarkable. How hard is it for a resteraunt to do a chicken caeser these days.

And it took me a few looks at the beer list to find one that I would drink, which is usually not a problem for me.

The staff were really friendly and attentive but couldn’t pronounce the special of the day.

On our way out I did offer this feedback to the staff, who were quick to suggest they could definitely put the dressing on the side next time (which perhaps I should have done in the first place) but I don’t think there’ll be a next time.

If I’m paying $26 for a salad, I don’t want to be sitting on plastic seats.

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