FO – socks!

I got home from work at 11 o’clock and then slept for the 4 hours I should have been at work.

Once I came through I made my way to the couch.
Fortunately my boy can cook and he took good care of me, making a surf and turf with a side salad.

I also managed to finish off a pair of socks that I had started some time ago. They’re going to be a pair of three because you may notice that they’re different lengths and there’s already a hole in the toe of the first one. But there isn’t a hole in the second one so I’m getting better.

I’m home from work again today, but feeling better. Hopefully well enough to start a new pair of socks and finish off a selection criteria for a job I should apply for.
And trying not to fall asleep so I can get a decent nights sleep tonight.







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