my work browser officially sucks…

…and it’s not letting me comment on anyone’s blogger today. Which absolutely sucks because I love commenting on blogs.
I just love leaving nice comments for people.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So here are the comments that I wanted to leave – I hope you all have pingbacks on your sites.

I have no idea why it’s just your sites that aren’t working, because some blogger sites are and some aren’t.
One day I’ll get around to doing a blogs I follow side bar, for some reason the bloglovin one doesn’t work on wordpress for me.

to a sparkly silver lining who is opening a cupcake stall
It’s good that you still have options though.
The first obstacle is always the hardest, once you’re over that you know how to tackle the next obstacles.
Have fun and good luck!

to love life lace who is always beautifully dressed and photographed (with great taste in movies)
They are some wonderful bright red gumboots!

I love Pride and Prejudice. It’s one of my favourite comfort viewing.

to not all tea and scones who blogs her way through the CWA cookbook
I think my nan probably had this cookbook.

This is taking me down memory lane.

to lovely elycia who has fantastic hair and other endearing qualities
hands up who wants a hair bow tutorial?
me! me!

hopefully these will post when I get home and have cookies available (the delicious and the useful kind)


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