Book #1 Coraline

Coraline has been sitting on my bookshelf unread like a lonely little puppy. With lonely eyes looking at me, willing me to put down my knitting, stop watching television and read it.

So I did.
And now I need to buy more Neil Gaiman books.
I always heard that he was a wonderful writer, and now I feel compelled to read more.

The heart of the story is about being brave.
Being brave when you’re scared and you don’t want to be, but you be brave anyway.
I sometimes need reminding to be brave, even if I’m not facing horrible situations, bravery is still necessary.

Book 1 was a good one. What do I read for book 2?





5 thoughts on “Book #1 Coraline

  1. I looved Coraline!! I was a little scared after reading it though, but it was good! I am in love with Neil Gaiman as well 🙂 I just finished Odd and the Frost Giants (by Gaiman) and it’s a very short but very good story. Others I have to read by Gaiman: Stardust and American Gods.

    Oh, and thanks about my goals page!! Definitely use it! I hope it helps 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve also linked every post’s graphic to the main page. I doubt anyone will notice though.

      I really want to read more Neil. I’ll definitely check out your suggestions.

  2. The film adaptation of Coraline is wonderful too, if you haven’t seen it. I hope to read the book at some point too, and I’ll have to give more Neil Gaiman works a chance, as a friend of mine adores his stuff (plus I have some built in respect for him due to him being married to Amanda Palmer).

  3. That’s a tough call. If you like graphic novels, his Sandman series is a standard in the genre. Absolutely marvelous.

    Novels: Neverwhere and American Gods are both very popular. I liked American Gods better.

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