#4KCBWDAY2 – a mascot project

Think of a bee
You are it’s knees
You waft through me like a summers breeze
Can I come round on Tuesday please

– a Bernard Black poem

Black and yellow stripes bore me. I’m not a Richmond fan, nor am I an extra from flight of the bumblebees.
So picking a pattern to match my house animal I thought would be difficult.

Starting where I usually start, I typed in “bee” into ravelry. (I wonder if they’ve noticed an increase in certain house animal search terms over the last few days. I also wonder how many results Manatee brings up. 9. Nine whole patterns.)

After browsing for a while, favouriting a few patterns, looking at what’s in my stash I usually gravitate towards socks.

Eventually my search screen looks a bit like this.


Hopefully one will take my fancy. In this case I found it.


I check the pattern notes, see if there are any red flags, before downloading it to my iPad and having a good read of the pattern.
It’s one has a couple of new techniques which I’m looking forward to trying out. The stitch pattern is really pretty, plus it has a provisional cast on which I haven’t tried before.

Plus I have sock yarn which is perfect! I am actively resisting not casting on immediately! But more on that tomorrow.

This exercise has become a little torturous. Now I have a gorgeous pattern which I can’t cast on until I finish my Mother’s Day Hitchhiker.
It’s I’d why I can’t look at ravelry while I have a deadline project.





16 thoughts on “#4KCBWDAY2 – a mascot project

  1. Great choice of bee-pattern! I know what you mean about the dangers of Ravelry, so easy to get sucked in and realise you’ve lost an hour (or two) somehow.

  2. Good choice of project. Hope your current one flies off the needles ready for you to cast on!
    I’m queueing up the Bumblebee Socks – they look amazing

  3. I’ve been seeing a lot of sock projects the past few days. I really must get with the program and cast on a pair! I love your pattern choice. 🙂

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