FO#10 – Summer sky half socks

It was pointed out to me once that calling these ‘socks’ was a bit misleading.

Calling them yoga socks is also misleading because I’ve never done yoga.

So I’m calling them half socks.

These half socks come in really handy with my tiled floor.
I am a clumsy girl. I usually have unexplained bruises. My bed frame in particular attacks me.
I have sustained injuries from hair ties, cereal boxes, and Nutella jars. (The Nutella jar incident required 8 staples. I still eat Nutella though. I’m such a trooper.)
So walking around my house in slippery socks is a recipe for disaster.
I also have cold feet all the time so I need socks.

These are an OK answer. They still don’t stop my toes getting cold, but it’s better than no socks at all.





I’m counting these as sock 4 in my 13 in 2013 project.


7 thoughts on “FO#10 – Summer sky half socks

  1. I love your socks!! Great stripey colors and a pretty pattern! I also LOVE your little 13 in 2013 clicky photo link….can I copy your idea??! I love your progress page too! I have not been keeping mine updated…

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