Pizza Amore

We have a new pizza place. Finally.

Our last pizza place (Corleones) won our hearts by not only having good pizza, but by ‘delivering’ my drunk Mister home after Melbourne Cup one year. He ordered two pizzas for delivery, and then asked if they were going his way. (Well in his inebriated state I’m sure it wasn’t quite that elegant, but as I didn’t have a car at the time, and there are never any taxis in Perth, especially on Melbourne Cup day coming home from Ascot, I was just grateful that he got home safe.)
But unfortunately they closed down a couple of years ago which left us without a pizza place.
We’re not short of pizza places in the area, but we are short of pizza places which make good tasty pizzas.

Until now.
Crust pizza have just opened in Mt Lawley! Last Monday they opened their doors, and Tuesday we dined. Albeit at home.

I had a BBQ chicken calzone (which was super yummy). The Mister had BBQ chicken pizza pockets (sensing a theme?), and we both shared a Philly Steak.
It tasted like it was freshly made with fresh ingrediants (I’m assuming because it was). But it’s not something that you can always take for granted. Particularly compared with some of the tripe which is served up in the area (Leo’s I’m looking at you.)
I was also impressed with the selections. The Mister had a shortlist of about 8 pizzas, which is something that never happens. He can be a picky customer.
And ordering online was a breeze. I’m inclined to like anything which means I don’t have to get cash out, or have cash on me.
I believe I’m gushing. But it’s definitely our new preferred pizza place.

See you again soon Crust pizza.







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