#5KCBWDAY1 – A Day in the Life

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

6:17 – Beks alarm goes off. It’s currently a Scotch of St James song that she downloaded from Triple J unearthed but hasn’t been able to find anywhere else so she doesn’t actually know that it’s by the Scotch of St James. She mutters something to this effect most mornings. I don’t know why she doesn’t just change it already, but it a pretty neat track.

6:45 – This morning is pretty cold. I may have a chance to be worn this morning. It all depends what colour tights Beks decides on. Ooh blue dress, purple cardigan and patterned black tights, yes my mulberry, black, & pink shades would go nicely with that. Here we go! Off to work for the day.

7:00 – Casually admiring myself in the work elevators. Damn I look good. I especially like the way my ends are curling themselves today. I hope Bek notices and takes a photo today. It’s a good curl day.


7:30 – There’s a lot of muttering and swearing going on today. Something about people doing stupid things and throwing a computer out of the window. I’ll try and look adorable. Maybe that will help.

8:29 – I’m harbouring a not-so-secret crush on Beks headphones so everytime we get tangled up together is a highlight of my day. Although Bek doesn’t seen to approve of our relationship. She untangles us and has cranked Blood Red Shoes. Their new album is so good, so it’s had quite a few plays since it was released. Perfect for drowning our the inane chatter that comes from working in an open plan office.

11:20 – Time for an early lunch. Beks has leftover pasta bake so I get placed on the desk to prevent any spillage. It looks delicious. Oh and is that home made bread as well? This girl knows how to eat! Oh there’s some spilt on the desk. More cursing and muttering.

13:00 – I’m being taken to a meeting. Meeting rooms here are notoriously cold. It’s pretty boring, something about rhubarb and jabberwocky and fluidity and the impossimpible. Boooorrrriiiinnnggg. I’ll just sit here and make Beks neck look pretty.

14:21 – That meeting took aggeeeeeees. More muttering and more tea being made. It smells like vanilla and roses. I’m content just smelling, fingers crossed clumsy Bek doesn’t spill anything on me.

15:45 – Finally in the car going home. It’s surprisingly warm outside so I get put in her backpack. I say hello to my friend Good God Lemon. She was worn this morning but was put in the backpack once Bek was at her desk. Lemon seems quite relieved to not have gone to that thoroughly boring meeting.

17:15 – Ooooh outing!!! It appears neither Bek or HWF feel like cooking tonight. If I was a betting shawl I would put my money on the Civic for $6 pizzas, but I have been wrong before. Bek hasn’t bothered getting changed after work so I still match her outfit perfectly. I am her favourite at the moment so I get taken nearly everywhere.


Shortly after, I am snuggled up with Beks on the Civic’s couch reading The Fault In Our Eyes. Beks keeps laughing inappropriately loudly and getting odd looks from the regulars at the bar. HWFs is reading the newspaper like an old man before switching to watching youtube videos of people getting hurt. Eventually food arrives and I get taken off again for safe keeping.

19:20 – Home again. I am tucked in safe and sound on the CD rack with all my other scarf and shawl friends. From the other room I can hear Bobs Burgers from one TV and Gran Turismo from the other TV. Damn I was hoping for some company. Some nights Beks will sit in her craft room and make crafty things. Instead she’s knitting on the couch. Hopefully it’s not a new shawl! Sweet dreams.



14 thoughts on “#5KCBWDAY1 – A Day in the Life

  1. Your scarf’s day was totally more interesting than mine. Why on earth are you laughing whilst reading TFIOS? All I’ve ever heard about it is that there it causes frequent ugly-crying. (perhaps that’s why you said it’s inappropriate, for which I love you.)

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