#5KCBWDAY2 – Dating Profile

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects.


Hi I’m as yet unnamed Port Adelaide beanie.
Fun loving Port Adelaide supporter, seeks other Teal & Black handknits for football watching funtimes.
I only came off the needles in March 2014, but already I’ve seen Port Adelaide beat two difficult teams, one which they haven’t beaten for 7 years so I think I must be good luck.
Teal, Silver & Black are my colours and I wear them proudly. The topographie pattern really shows them off. It looks much better than the blue, yellow & red of my cross town rivals.
Most of my time is spent football watching. I tend to be worn more often when Port Adelaide win, which this year has been quite a lot.
My biggest ambition is to attend a Port Adelaide Grand Final. That would be amazing and the highlight of my career.



3 thoughts on “#5KCBWDAY2 – Dating Profile

  1. A real and blue handknit sounds so fun and stylish. I’m sure it will have no trouble finding a mate.

  2. Magazine cover – Students will choose a magazine, then study past cover photos for inspiration. Most of the horror stories you have
    heard about dating occur when daters rush the process.
    “Next class we will begin learning about Impressionism.

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