2 thoughts on “So I blogged a bit….

  1. I love your doilies! They look so great! I’m not sure about the diagram though unfortunately; I’m not great with crochet charts. I am extremely impressed with those pouches; zips are my nemesis. Also, have you tried Velourlips by Australis? They are my new obsession; they are matte and I have been trying all of the dark colours in a bid to move away from just wearing the same fire engine red lippy every single day. Also also, I am so pleased you keep photos in your locket! Your cats are adorable ^___^ I have a brain locket necklace and inside I keep a tiny drawing of a zombie ~___^

  2. I’ve never thought to crochet doilies before, but yours are such great colors that I’d consider it, if I thought I could reach a crochet diagram (which I probably can’t.) I can barely handle knitting charts. I’ve started a new crochet project- a mermaid tail blanket for Elaine for xmas. SO PSYCHED (I haven’t crocheted in years so it’s a nice change.) Love to the kittehs! Glad you like your charm. 🙂

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