Where has the year gone!

So it’s 2016 and I haven’t posted so far this year! Rest assured I am alive just busy. Almost overwhelmingly busy. 

I’m wandering around with only a playlist and a reading goal. The Bek who had organised a 15 for 15 and 24 in 2014 seems like a different person. 

That’s not to say I haven’t done some cool shit already this year. I’ve finished a test of a shawl I designed. I’ve already finished 3 books (including Villette which was an absolute slog! Not knowing French was nearly a deal breaker but I persevered and got to the end). I saw the live show of Welcome to Nightvale and made an “all hail” glowcloud pendant. 

Laneway Fest was amazing as always. Top tip – always take a yarn needle to a music festival because you never know when Cupid’s wings will need reattaching and you just may come to the rescue and then hang out with some super-rad new friends and have a super-amazing day! 

 I have some new apps which are helping with the business that is my life currently. Productive lets me tick off habits and schedule reminders for things like ‘stretch’ or ‘take medication’. It also means I don’t forget ive taken my meds and take them again which is always a good thing! 

Optimise me I found through the Career Girl Daily blog. I’ve only been using it does few weeks but I like how it trends and tells me where I spend most of my time. It’s only as good as the information you put in (which takes some time in itself) but being the data driven gal I am it’s so interesting to see how much time I spend on certain activities compared to what I think I spend on things. Housework for example! I’ve also been using the Unfuck Your Habitat app which is from the blog of the same name. My most used feature is the random challenge. Setting a timer and working towards a specific task totally works for me! 

  This is probably more of a brain dump then a structured post like 2015-Bek would have written. But writing it has made me realise I do have things I’m working towards even if they’re not structured goals like past years. 

  • I want to publish some more original designs this year 
  • I want to continue with my etsy store
  • I want to read 30 books
  • I want to seek out stories I wouldn’t normally read
  • I want to keep fostering good habits such as drinking water, keeping up with the housework, getting to bed before 11, stretching and exercising 
  • I want to keep up with my friends through whatever medium suits. I definitely want to keep sending letters, but I also want to text and chat and call to keep in touch. 
  • I want to study again. Maybe formal maybe not. But I need to learn something new. 
  • I want to keep studying German. 
  • I want to collect ALL the cats in Neko Atsume. 

So yeah maybe I do have some goals. Maybe I won’t put them in a pretty graphic like previous years. And maybe that’s ok. 

Here’s to 2016!! And fancy glasses!

(Oh and yes – my hair is currently pink!)


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