Productive saturday

What a productive saturday morning… I uncluttered one wardrobe and went through all my clothes… Threw out 3 trips worth of stuff in the bin – and took 8 bags worth of clothes, bags, and shoes to the salvation army… Feels good…
Cant believe some of the clothes i had been keeping! I had jeans that had so many holes in them they weren’t even covering my arse… On the other hand i found an awesome blue print dress that i forgot i had… It’s very old hollywood cleaning dress…

Of course the only reason i was cleaning my cupboards was so i had somewhere to purmt the box for my dalek… That was my dalek is on full display – love it!

Now if only someone would clean my kitchen for me… I have a new book to read… Karyn Bosnak – 20 times a lady…

On a completely separate note – i cant believe how often i cry during ‘i’d do anything’


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