Some of the places we went – Melbourne (2)

This is the second post where I try and make you all jealous about my Melbourne holiday.
We flew in on the red eye getting into Melbourne at 6am on Friday morning.
After leaving out luggage at the hotel (we stayed at the Marriott Hotel where we had an excellent stay), we went out in search of breakfast, whilst awaiting a txt to say our room was ready.

In the end we upgraded to a king size room and we caught up on some sleep having not got any on the plane.

After we were rested we went wandering.

We caught up with some friends over some awesome dumplings, but bland honey chicken fromEmpress of China.

We had a drink at Coopers Inn, trunk,and watched the football at Young and Jackson .

Saturday was all about football.
We went to the MCG to watch Hawthorn play Collingwood. We wanted Hawthorn to win, and they put on a very impressive display. Our hangovers made walking up 36 stairs to get to our seats a little harrowing, I had visions of falling and plummeting to my death but I’m still here. After the football we walked around the MCG, taking photos with The great Shane Warne and Dennis Lillee and promising to be back for the finals.

While we were watching a game live, the Gentleman friend’s team was also putting on a commanding display, so the group had 2 wins under their belt. Unfortunately Port vs Melbourne was going to mean someone in the group was disappointed (but it wasn’t me!) By the end of the day me, my boy, and my bestie’s teams had all won!

We also won $360 at Crown Casino. After going there to watch the Port v Melbourne game, finding out that the sports bar was closed and watching the game in a cafe, we ended up at a jazz bar.
After the music stopped, we migrated to a tv so the Mr could watch the golf. As we were on our way out he put one bet on Roulette. Well 17 (Stewart Dew or Bernie Vince depending on who you talk to) came up and we walked away amazed at our good luck.

Once our taxi driver got us home safely (after nearly colliding with an ambulance, getting lost, having a hysterical phone conversation, and singing Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies), we ordered cheesecake, pizza, and beer.







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