my new favourite thing

this is one of the most gorgeous dresses i have ever owned.
it’s so floaty and beautiful
and it would look really good in winter with some patterned tights underneath – but as it’s the middle of summer it was just my bare legs…
i really love how much fabric is there…
its really playful
i only bought it last week so i haven’t really had a chance to play with it styling-wise. but it was the perfect dress to throw on in two minutes flat.
on our way home from the cricket i decided i didn’t want to cook dinner so we went to our local pub but didn’t want to lose the taxi – so it was an outfit change on the clock. and it still looked wonderful (even with my strange cricket tan lines – i had a bit of trouble with applying sunscreen everywhere)
i bought it coming home from the doctors last week, there’s a gorgeous shop called avenue apparel on my walk home – and i just happened to spot it.
and i’m glad i did!

Back on the new dress

New dress!!

New dress

Love the dress!!


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