15 – Muse Unintended (135)

I saved this song until last because I wasn’t sure what I was going to say.
I must have written this in my head a thousand times, with a thousand different ideas.
About how it was the first muse song I ever loved.
About how it had taken me through so much heartbreak.
About how the introduction can immediately change my mood in a thousand different ways.
About hearing this song live and fighting back tears.
About how each of those 135 plays have been me getting to know this song more personally.
About possibly walking down the aisle to this song (if somehow my views on marriage do a backflip)
About being a 15 year old wondering about love
About how every line can change and mean something different each time I listen to it

i’ll be there, as soon as i can
but i’m busy, mending broken pieces
of the life i had before

Wondering if this is how my life would turn out.
Feeling melancholy
This song has such a chequered past. I have pretended (sometimes at the time, and sometimes years later) to feel this song about many boys, and each time, after my heart has been broken, I’m back to mending broken pieces of my life.
And after each time I still feel like this song is just for me.
It’s something special that I only I know.
It’s something so simple, and so heartfelt.

I’m not so sure that it’s a love song
Its more about uncertainty
About not knowing


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