15 – Muse Unintended (135)

I saved this song until last because I wasn’t sure what I was going to say.
I must have written this in my head a thousand times, with a thousand different ideas.
About how it was the first muse song I ever loved.
About how it had taken me through so much heartbreak. Continue reading 15 – Muse Unintended (135)


18 Muse – Invincible (132)

I never really liked this song much, but because it was the most popular for a while, so I put it on a lot of party playlists. But surely not enough to get it to 132.
I don’t remember ever listening to it on repeat.
There are certainly better songs on the album.
I certainly would not have listened to it 3 times less than Unintended.
So I’m baffled as to why it’s here.
And I can’t think of a reason.

19. Muse – Uno (132)

this really makes me feel old.
i can remember being on year 11 camp and drumming this out on my legs until they bruised, just trying to get the right rhythm
i can remember the thrill of hearing showbiz on the radio because it was my favourite song and i didn’t think i would ever hear it on the radio because they were just some random english band i was interested in
talking about muse is like opening up a minefield.
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