First impressions – Wolf Parade & Trail of Dead

Wednesday afternoon just went well.
Wolf Parade – Expo 86 arrived (finally) after being lost in the mail.
So that got listened to about 3 times on repeat, before listening to their first album again.
First impressions, it’s good.
As good as their first.
It might just be that i’ve listened to a lot of Editors at the moment, but it sounds like Wolf Parade did too.
Like their first album, there are a couple of stand out tracks. What Did My Lover Say and Ghost Pressure stand out at the moment, but like most things that’s subject to change.
But the feel of the album is consistent.
You get what you expect, and you like it.

Much like the new …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead… – Tao of the Dead.
It sounds like the Trail of Dead. But it sounds like Trail of Dead you haven’t heard before.
Also a very good album. It’s not predictable, but you know what you’re getting.
A solid, consistent sound which in this world of ‘reinvention’ (i’m looking at you The Strokes) is refreshing.
Trail of Dead are known for their bombastic, over the top melodies and song structures and they do it so well.

It’s not a new sound, but it’s a new album from two bands with established sounds which haven’t strayed too far from a winning formula.


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