the evolution of a garden

i bought my place about 2 years ago. i can remember my excitement prior to settlement about all my plans now that i had a garden of my own, not just a patch in mum’s, or a rental property.

I somehow thought that because it was ‘my’ garden, things wouldn’t die.
And as it turns out i was wrong.
About a year and a half ago now, my mum and I spent 2 / 3 weekends weeding, mulching, and planting my new garden.
It doesn’t get any sun so my dreams of a vegie patch were dashed. But i was able to put in some nice flowering plants and some new trees to give myself some privacy.

So my garden went from before to after.

and then came the worst storm that my little city has had in a long long time. and my garden was flooded, the gutter above my pretty pink flowers broke and caused a stream of water to destroy them, and all the mulch was redistributed throughout the lawn.

That was pretty much the end of my foray into gardening. It was all too difficult.

But one of the benefits of having a man about the house is that he enjoys gardening.

Now here’s a photo of it before the rain destroys it.




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