The Grates – Secret Rituals

Ahh, The Grates – Secret Rituals.
Now just a two piece after Alana went off to bake cupcakes, their energy and enthusiasm hasn’t worn off.

After releasing two album with some killer singles, Secret Rituals is no different.
Turn Me On and Sweet Dreams begin the album in the right direction. The promise of fun is just around the corner.
But we don’t get around the corner. There’s no Lies Are Much More Fun, no 19 20 20, no Carve Your Name, nothing that you can sing, loudly in your car. This is number one on my list of wants on a Grates album.

The album has its fans. They were loud and many at their recent appearance at On The Bright Side, and young enough to sing all* their songs.
I simply wanted more fun from this album.

The homespun album artwork is fantastic as always. So much love and care has gone into this album.

I just wanted more opportunities to sing along with Patience (loudly, in my car, annoying those stuck at the traffic lights with me).

*I’m way to old to be singing Change (AKA The Puberty Song) in my car.


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