patented rant #1

in response to this ABC unleashed article

Unfortunately gender equality is catching up in this matter aswell.

Only the other day I was reading an article about ‘guybrows’, ie guy’s eyebrows and how guys should best pluck, wax, or otherwise shape their eyebrows to be more attractive.

It certainly is a feminist issue that many women (myself included) speak and write very passionately about. But we can’t forget the guys also striving to meet the impossible standards that are presented to them in traditional media.

Fortunately this is an area that non-traditional media is challenging. There are some wonderful websites, blogs, and online stores who actively promote different body shapes and ideals of beauty. And they don’t shout about how they’re promoting diversity, it’s the norm.
The online market is starting to demand it.
With social media and online forums having an increased influence, this can only be a good thing.


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