Lemony chickeny

After a hard day watching series 1 of Mad Men, dinner had to be easy. So I adapted my own recipe.

The chicken was coated in flour and lemon pepper, and then fried in hot oil.
Once the chicken was browned, a pint glass of chicken stock was poured over to bubble away.
Then an egg yolk and the juice of 3 small lemons was added.

The chicken was then poured over two packages of Mie Goreng noodles which had some frozen carrots, corn, broccoli, and cauliflower, in it.

Serve and done.

I added a little too much pepper for my liking, and a little too much lemon for J’s liking.
But it went down a treat.

Followed by some strawberry ice cream (with milo sprinkles), and a diamond fizz (because all I had to mix gin with was sparkling, apparently that’s a thing).

Apologies for the bad photos, I was hungry.




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