The National – Slipping Husband

One of my favourite songs at the moment.

I am anxiously waiting to see whether or not The National are playing Perth sideshows, as they’ve been announced for harvest (which is only Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane).

This is from their Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers album, which I only recently got. But I still new this song from when I saw them live earlier this year at Southbound.




2 thoughts on “The National – Slipping Husband

  1. The national is my favourite band ever! I saw them last year but I didn’t realise they were out again, zomg I must go! Thanks for the tip off. Also how exciting re: your sewing machine!! Burda has an amazing dress pattern I want to try, but you have to print out and sticky-tape together their patterns yourself, and add seam allowance, and it scares me! xxx

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