Christmas knits – FO scarf

Oh dear lord this took a long time to knit.
And photos are not going to do it justice.

3 months ago I cast on a scarf for my mum for Christmas.

However I made (what I think would be a pretty common mistake) a choice based on colour and not on fibre.
It looked so pretty in the shop, but working with it was a NIGHTMARE!

Moda Vera Noemi is designed for people with more patience and experience than I have.
It’s so finicky and furry.

It took me three attempts to find a pattern to accommodate the yarn. I ended up with the one row lace pattern (yo k2tog k1 k1tb )
K1tb is my abbreviation for knit through the back loop. I found this worked the best to create a nice gap in the pattern.

My mum is going to love it.
But I will be happy if I never work with fuzzy yarn ever again.






3 thoughts on “Christmas knits – FO scarf

  1. Good morning Sparkles.I found your site while I was surfing the web trying to find information (pattern) for moda Vera Noemi.I also had bought 2 skeins because of the colour and texture.Won’t do this again.I too had tried the lace patterns and went back to my favourite standby,the Basic Diagonal Scarf.I cast on 44 stitches and am now pleased with the way the colours blend.I have finished 18ins.(46cm.)I am going to use all the yarn on this scarf as I can’t see it being used any other way.There are so many beautifull yarns today,I suppose I’ll be making another diagonal scarf some day soon. Happy knitting,Pam.

    1. It just looks so pretty doesn’t it!!

      I’m glad I’m not alone in it.

      I’ve almost finished a shawl/scarf in he Moda Vera Beavardia. It’s got a similar colour blend, not the same texture but it’s really easy to work with.

      Would love to see a picture of the Noemi creation. Are you on Ravelry??

      Thanks for stopping by.

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