Getting organised

Well even if I haven’t kept to my blogging schedule (a weekend camping festival kinda ranks on the priority scale) I have been busy organising things at home.

I went through my stash with a box of glad bags and a permanent marker.
Now I don’t have the hugest stash (it fits quite neatly in a hamper in the living room), but it was getting out of control.
I could never find what I was looking for, my circular needles were getting all tangled, and it was starting to overflow.

So now all my circular needles have their own bag (clearly labelled by size and length), and all my yarn is all in bags labelled and ready to go.
I also put my yarn and needles on Ravelry.
I aim is to use Ravelry more this year so I don’t have the same Christmas panic as I did this year. And also so others can learn from my mistakes and successes.



The other thing I’ve done is made a cleaning schedule.
I’m not a clean person. I don’t get any satisfaction from cleaning when I could be doing more important things like sitting on the couch.
But the mess is starting to get to me more and more. So I wrote down everything in the apartment that needs cleaning. I divided that into frequency and then put that onto a calendar as recurring tasks with that frequency.
That was the fun part.
Now I have to stick with it.

There are four things I want to do everyday.
– make my bed
– clear up all the dishes (from the bedroom, lounge etc
– wash all the dishes
– no clothes on the floor

Last night I got off to a good start, I swept the floor (as it was Wednesday), did all the dishes, and did a few loads of washing in an attempt to get all our clothes organised (post-camping festival).
I now remember I forgot to make my bed this morning, so day 2 isn’t going quite so well, but it will go better once the Mister is back at work and I’m not getting ready in the dark trying not o wake him.

Hopefully the schedule will keep me motivated about the small stuff, and get me to remember the big stuff that only happens now and again.




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