Riff socks

Well this is my second attempt at Riff socks.

The first one (if you’re playing along at home) was a disaster.

The second pair were a little better.

Firstly, I do love the bare pattern. So much that I’ve cast on another pair with the same needles (2.5mm addis), same yarn (Moda Vera noro purple blend), same amount of stiches (60 all up – 30 a side) just without the riff part.

The riff part simply took too long. And it isn’t really seem worth it in the end.
It doesn’t stand out like I thought it would. It needs a plain coloured yarn choice.

I’m not the biggest fan of long socks, so I cut these short after three repeats of the normal pattern. I did start the transition pattern, but they were getting too long for me.
They would have looked fantastic, but I wouldnt have worn them. And I am a selfish knitter.

I’m only going to knit things for people who want them.

Maybe if someone looks at my socks, and says that they’d want a pair but longer I’d knit them properly.
But for now I think in retiring this pattern. Well the riff part anyway.






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