I have a new phone, so it needs a case, and now I have spare cases for a good home

I have a new phone! The phone company called me and said would I like to change plans to one with more data and get an iPhone 5 as well and I said ok. I don’t mind paying less a month and getting a new phone.
Plus new phone means an excuse to buy new cases.
I don’t quite understand my obsession with pretty cases, but I spent a few hours looking and trying not to purchase all the cases.

I stumbled across head case designs and they were just too cute not to share. And I may have bought 1 or 3 of them.
(The picture links to the eBay page)





These are the three I bought. No doubt you’ll see them in selfies soon enough.




Of course this means I now have a surplus of iPhone 4S cases which need a good home. So if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S and are interested in any of my cases (below) shoot me a comment or an email and let me know which one you’re after.
I would particularly like my tardis to find a loving home.





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