The first post where I brag about my holiday

Well I though I was going to be a good blogger and update with photos and anecdotes while I was in Melbourne.

Instead I spent all my time stepping away from social media. Except to check-in using yelp wherever I went.
Last time I was in Melbourne I got home and didn’t know where I went, and wasn’t going to let that happen this time.

Particularly as we went to a few places, but one in particular (Trunk I’m looking at you) where the service was so horrible and we all left absolutely disappointed and sharing some Buscopan tablets.

But all in all it was a good weekend, way too short, and we’re now planning the next one (if you’re listening AFL- we want to see Adelaide at the MCG).

My knitting went on the plane with me and met no hassles. Not that I had any knitting time actually in Melbourne, but between the two flights I managed to get some uninterrupted knitting done.

I will spend more time on Melbourne and post some photos when I transfer them, but I didn’t take half as many photos as I wanted.

But thanks Melbourne and see you again soon.

This was the view from our hotel room.




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