Surrounded by UFOs

All around me is unfinished objects.
Currently on the needles I have
– hitchhiker shawl #3 for me
– 10 stitch blanket
– mini mania scarf
– parcel jumper
– ripple crocheted afghan
– blue cabled hat (in no mans land)

So what did I do this week? Cast on 3 more projects.

I’d like to introduce my team bee socks


A zigzag hat


And a cabled scarf


I think I need to buckle down and maybe finish what I start.
Or I could search ravelry for more pretty patterns!!!!



21 thoughts on “Surrounded by UFOs

      1. Are you doing the 10 stitch blanket where you sew the strips together or the one on ravelry on Frankie’s Knitted Stuff where you don’t have to sew the strips tog. I was trying the no sew one and can’t make heads or tales out of it past the first 19 rows or 10 stitches. Then you work an open double corner and I am totally lost. Thus maybe I will have to find one and sew it as I go maybe. Usually I can figure the patterns out, but not this one……….

      2. Yup I’m doing the 10 stitch one. Send me an email beks [at] and I can send you some pictures and instructions.
        No sew is worth it.

      3. An idea dawned on me as I was typing that and something may have clicked that all the yfwd, and yb weren’t stitches but where to place the feeding yard for a stitch so will give it one more try, but this morning another idea came to me to try a different pattern design by just beginning with a rectangle and then binding off, then just picking up stitches along the long side and knitting some rows and then turning with the same yarn and picking up stitches along the next side which would make it look like a long cabin quilt design. That is as far as I have gotten on trying out that design idea. It would leave out all that stitch counting and yfwd and yb that was confusing me, but not sure if I continue how it will turn out yet. lol But I still want to try the no sew 10 stitch, too. Thanks!!! One idea builds on another in that design process it seems.

      4. I’ve been thinking I may do a video the next time I’m at a corner. It’s really simple but it did take me a while for it to click.

      5. I did get that glimmer of insight into the pattern, but haven’t had a chance to get back to it. Last Friday the electricity went out in half the house and just got fixed today. A matter of an electrician know which fuse and how it was all configured as we couldn’t figure it out.. Always good to have family and friends in the trades. lol

        Now once I relax again, I will try it and tell you. We got a bit creative with providing the essentials with enough working outlets and extension cords, but the laundry was piling up at a nightmare speed. Trying to get my head out of crisis mode and into routine again although around here “crisis” mode can be routine. Some very flighty non-creative people in the scheme of things. Seems all people do not have that gene.

    1. Awe shucks – I still find it amazing that anyone is interested in my little place of the Internet let alone consider it for awards.
      Thanks you. Really.

  1. I do love ravelry! It’s a dangerous place though. I actually started and finished a project this week (fingerless gloves), they were so easy. I loved them.

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