Stuck in my head – Still Corners

My day leading up to this blog post.
– Stumble out of bed, find clean clothes, walk to train station
– Train ride to work, check twitter see what’s going on in the world.
– Get to work, check work email, check bloglovin (formerly google reader), set tasks for the day, make tea
– Remember the federal budget was announced last night because coworkers are stating misinformed opinions as facts.
– Put headphones in and play mclusky loudly.
– Mclusky is making you more angry and is affecting work productivity (as much as coworkers are). Make tea.
– Seek calming music. Check twitter. Find out Still Corners just released a new album
– Day is looking up. Make tea.
– Work
– Find out The National are streaming their new album too. Can’t find link to stream. Day is looking down again.
– Work
– Check twitter. Find a number of horrible news stories. Tweet about horrible news stories. Find solace in lovely twitter people that are not horrible racist, sexist, transphobic bigots.
– Renew concentration on work tasks. Computer malfunction. Make tea.
– Coworker reignites conversation about Australian politics.
– Listen to Still Corners new album again
– Realise it’s Wednesday and decide to blog about new Still Corners album



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